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Why SAP Education ?

What are the benefits of training from SAP ?

Whether you are seeking to build a consulting staff, prepare for an implementation or upgrade, or pursue SAP Certification, you’ll find that SAP Education offers the most comprehensive and flexible SAP training available anywhere.

We are the Global Education & Training arm of SAP, backed by the full resources of the company – no one else has the experience, expertise, and access to SAP software developers that we provide. That means that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll receive up-to-date and accurate information and state-of-the-art instruction.

Fast Facts on the Effectiveness of IT education

Analyst firms have documented the value of IT education as having a significant benefit to the success and on-time delivery of IT programs:

  • 80% of IT managers believe effective training is critical to the success of a project
  • 75% of IT managers believe effective training increases the chances of a project meeting its deadline
  • IT projects that met most or all of their objectives provided users with 40% more training than projects that failed or only partly succeeded
  • IT projects that devote 6% or more of budget to training are significantly more successful than projects of 3% or less devoted to training

Customers Recognize the Value of SAP Education

SAP customers and partners from every region of the world rely on SAP Education as a trusted partner and advisor. Whether they are seeking state-of-the-art solutions for preparing end-users or effective and affordable learning for consultants, they agree that SAP Education is the logical place to find what they need

Training Delivery Options

SAP Education offers a wide variety of training options to meet your learning needs. From our highly praised and remarkably affordable SAP Learning Hub editions, to classic e-learning, to the traditional classroom, SAP has the training you need to meet your personal and organizational goals.

Ensure Project Success, Improve Productivity

SAP Education helps companies accelerate time-to-value of SAP investments and achieve business goals through a trained and knowledgeable workforce.

  • Application of 1.5% of project cost to training improves project success by 30%
  • Every dollar spent on training yields an approximately 15% gain in productivity
  • Employers cite an IT skills gap as negatively impacting their productivity (41%), customer engagement (32%) and security (31%)

By promoting a culture of continuous learning, SAP Education helps your organization improve accuracy, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce help desk costs, and Increase ROI. Plus, your workforce will be more efficient and happier in their jobs.

World-class SAP education, training & certification

Empower your SAP end users, from developers to marketers – with our suite of SAP training courses and certification programs. Create a comprehensive training plan, choose from live, mobile, or online courses – and ultimately boost technology proficiency across your organisation. Our software training covers SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP BusinessObjects, and more.

Make the grade with SAP Education

No one knows SAP like SAP. And no one else has the systems and instructional experience to help you learn it as effectively. No matter where you are in the world, SAP Education offers the most up-to-date and accurate SAP training available.

For Admission
  • Starts : 01 Nov, 2016
  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Instructors : Aamir Hussain
Apreciable great work
its really good step taken by padoco to start training of latest technologies like Swift,definately it will help to pick up students or freshers career.